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Scripture Memory Cards Are Here!

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When Three Sixteen Publishing began, over 7 years ago, we were primarily a children’s book publisher. Through the years we’ve never lost sight of that original desire to reach kids with the truth of God’s Word. 

That’s the main reason why we were so excited to publish a new Children’s Bible in the NASB. This new children’s Bible is full of extra Bible helps for kids including 10 pages of memory verses for kids. 

Recently We’ve taken those verses and formatted them into easy-to-use flashcards

But since releasing the NASB Children’s Edition, we haven’t stopped creating content to help kids get to know and love their Bibles more. 

We’ve recently expanded our NASB Scripture Memory Cards to 12 topics and we’ll keep adding two each month for the rest of this year. All free and easy to create at home. 

The Topics We Have on Our Site (with more to come)

  • God
  • Jesus
  • The Holy Spirit
  • The Bible
  • Growing in Faith
  • Prayer
  • Salvation
  • Promises of God
  • The 7 “I Am” Sayings of Jesus
  • The 7 Sayings of Jesus on the Cross
  • Sin
  • Friendship

Any time is a great time to get your kids into God’s Word which is why we encourage you to put these cards on a ring so that you can take them on the go! 

Once the scriptures are hidden in their hearts, encourage them to pass them along!

Download. Print. Memorize! Share God’s Word!

In Christ,

Team 316

Literal Word’s New NASB App Is A Hit!

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When our NASB Focus Group met at Shepherds’ Conference 2018, their number one request was a NASB Children’s Bible, something we immediately went to work on and released last month. A close second was their request for a free mobile app, specifically designed for the NASB. While we were hard at work with the Children’s Edition, the team over at Literal Word was hard at work on a new mobile app that released to rave reviews last week!

I really like the ability to see the words in the original languages and to see what other verses contain them. Very neat. I haven’t seen that in the other apps I’ve used. – Eric H.

Wow. This is one of the sleekest, easiest to use, and beautifully designed Bible apps I’ve ever seen. So easy to navigate. Hard to believe this is free! – David A.

The app is available for both Apple and Android formats and can be found in their respective stores, or directly on their site.  

If you’ve already downloaded it… Great! Thank You! Please tell others!

To help spread the news, Literal Word has created some graphics that are easy to import into:

  • Church Bulletins
  • Church Websites
  • Social Media posts

Please join us in generating awareness for this fabulous and FREE app! Simply forward this blog article to friends you know who use the NASB.

If your church uses the NASB, please ask your leadership to consider including an announcement in your church bulletin and through your church website. The ministry of Literal Word is a team of three volunteer programmers and they would really appreciate your help in getting the Word out about their FREE NASB App.

The NASB 95 is here to stay!

Read on!

Chris Scotti
VP and Publisher
Three Sixteen Publishing

Please visit our free download section for the Downloadable Literal Word Templates.

Introducing The (Extremely) Portable Preacher’s Bible!

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Steadfast Bibles, a division of Three Sixteen Publishing, is hard at work in its product development lab, at an undisclosed location.

Spurred on by a growing chant for a lighter edition of the Preacher’s Bible, today the company unveils a breakthrough in Bible publishing. The early prototype has been affectionately dubbed by their team of international molecular physicists as The MicroMac.

The MicroMac will mirror the page layout of the current Preacher’s Bible, but weigh 99% less than the scale-bending 5 pounds 7 ounces of the original, giving it unsurpassed portability.

To accomplish this, the Bible is being engineered with the following target specifications:

  • Italian Pygmy Goatskin with leather lining (buttery soft!)
  • 10 perimeter stitches
  • .00000008 mm of yapp
  • European Paper .000065gsm
  • .00000105 font size
  • .00000003 margins for notes
  • 4 black ribbons, .00000006 wide

Additional features still being considered include:

  • Tracking device
  • Interleaf Edition
  • Keychain holder
  • Magnifying glass
  • Machine washable

This special edition Bible has a tentative release date of 2095 to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the NASB95 Edition. Thumb indexing will not be available (sorry Nate).

To celebrate Steadfast’s long and illustrious history of Bible publishing breakthroughs, the current edition of the Preacher’s Bible is on sale now, through Saturday, April 6th. Save $20 with promo code: NOJOKE

Follow us on social media for updates about this and other upcoming editions of the NASB95. If you have suggestions for features in the MicroMac, please add them in our comments section below.

The Backstory of the NASB Children’s Edition

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We are praising God for His favor and faithfulness throughout the process of the development of the NASB Children’s Bible! Here is a little of the backstory in designing a Bible to help kids grow in their knowledge of God’s word as the read it, study it and live it!

An Unexpected Partnership From Across the Pond

Steadfast Bibles was first unveiled in March of 2018 at the Shepherds’ Conference. We were grateful for the opportunity to hold a meeting there with pastors who love and teach from the NASB. Of all the items discussed, creating an NASB for kids was the number one takeaway for us. We went to work right away, setting a goal to have the Bible ready to release in time for the Shepherds’ Conference the following year.

As we began to develop what this Children’s Bible would feature, we knew the style of the artwork would be an important element. An artist developing scenes from scratch is a process that can take 2-4 years and we did not want artwork to delay getting this product produced.

Thankfully, a Christian brother directed us to Foundation Matters, a ministry in England that seeks to reach underprivileged kids with the hope of the Gospel. On their ministry team is the talented artist, Graham Kennedy, who creates detailed Bible scenes, accurately depicting the historical period, including culture, architecture and landscape.

In September our President met the Foundation Matters ministry team and served at their youth camp. The commonality of Christ formed a bond with our brothers and sisters from across the pond! We had initially hoped for 16 full-color images and through their generosity, the NASB Children’s edition ended up with 76 pages of art! By God’s grace, one of the biggest components of the NASB Children’s Edition was finalized.

Making It Our Own

Next we wanted to include extra reference materials that would be helpful for kids in their understanding of the Bible. Our goal as we curated this content was to show kids that the Bible has answers for the questions of life.

The Lockman Foundation kindly gave us permission to use their topical index, Bible book introductions and other Scripture helps. We revised the content by adjusting the vocabulary and sentence structure to be age appropriate. We then added our own scripture memory materials and reading charts.

When it came time to consider creating a text layout we realised the Lockman Foundation’s NASB Large Print Pew Bible had all the features we had earmarked. The 10 point type size and easy verse by verse, two-column format made it an excellent choice for early readers.

Lastly, just as the files were sent to the printer, our friend and advisor, Mark MacArthur took a mock-up of our NASB Children’s Edition to show his dad. We were thrilled when we received Pastor MacArthur’s endorsement!

Children need to become familiar with a real Bible. It has been popular to put simple Bible story books in the hands of children rather than the actual Word of God and this is a mistake. Children need to learn and love the Bible. With its readable text, current translation, and beautiful artwork, the NASB Children’s Edition is designed to be the Bible they will love all their lives.

John F. MacArthur

We’ve been honored to work on this project and during the process, Psalm 90:17 was a verse that we kept coming back to:

Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us;
And confirm for us the work of our hands;
Yes, confirm the work of our hands.

As we look back on 2018, we see God’s hand directing the work of our hands and are grateful for His favor.

As a younger generation carries their NASBs in hand, may they also carry God’s truth in their hearts.

By His Grace and For His Glory,

The Team at 316

Why We Created Another Bible Reading Checklist

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There are quite literally, hundreds of Bible reading plans out there. However, what we saw was a need for a simple checklist allowing for the flexibility of choosing your own reading order of the Bible books and then setting your own pace.

Maybe you are fine with it taking 1189 days to complete and that is wonderful! Maybe this winter you choose to stay indoors more evenings and plow through all the Pentateuch before Easter, then the pace slows down during Spring and increases again during summer trips to the beach.

If I have a map of all 50 states and I’ve visited 40 of them, the map helps identify those I have yet to visit. This Bible reading checklist can be a similar tool, identifying what books you have never read all the way through. Maybe those are the ones you need to complete and the other books you’ve already visited at least once you can intersperse in between.  

Additionally, the 260 chapters of the New Testament are a great first goal for Bible reading and the checklist can help new believers and kids get in the habit of reading their Bible.

We hope you find this resource valuable and share it with others. Most importantly, in the new year, we encourage you to #ReadYourBible.

In Christ,
Team 316

(Special thanks to Scott Shirley for the photo above)

A Year End Review

By | Blog

At the start of 2018, our company president challenged us to write a monthly blog on the topic of Bible reading and literacy. The task was easier some months than others and now we have reached our final post for the year.

The closing days of December are a time for reflection. A good time to honestly ponder the question…

Did I consistently grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ this year?

Another way of asking the question is to borrow from the John MacArthur quote above and reflect, “were my thoughts consistently more saturated with Christ this year?”

A definition of saturation is: ”the state or process that occurs when no more of something can be absorbed, combined with, or added.”

We live in an era of plentiful media choices. Our staff considered the many ways we interacted with the Word of God over the last 12 months and ranked them:

    1. Print versions, (multiple translations, study Bibles, commentaries, journals, books, etc)
    2. LiteralWord.com (The cleanest online layout of the NASB and ESV)
    3. The Grace To You study app
    4. YouVersion
    5. Sermon Podcasts

(There were also many Christian Blog articles, magazines, sermons on the radio, YouTube, and of course church)

With all this availability and ease of access to God’s Word, we are indeed blessed. But in a land of plenty, there are many other media choices that are trying to get our attention. Spending time in God’s Word is still a choice. And one we must decide to put at the forefront each day.

But even if you are reading this and thinking you did a great job of establishing a morning quiet time throughout 2018, there could still be room for growth when we look at the Psalmist’s words:

But his delight is in the law of the LORD
And in His law he meditates day and night. (Psalm 1:2)

Do you see it? Day and Night. Beginning each day in the Word is wonderful, but, digesting God’s Word at the end of each day is also a tremendous benefit.

For most of us, there is room for growth in our daily discipline of Bible reading and we have yet to meet that point of saturation described in the MacArthur quote and definition. Yet that place is not impossible, because we also read in the Psalms;

You have anointed my head with oil;
My cup overflows.
Surely goodness and lovingkindness will follow me all the days of my life,
And I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. (Psalm 23:5b-6)

Consider setting a New Year’s goal to become more immersed in God’s Word. The more we are saturated with Christ, the more others will see the Gospel of grace at work in us and through us.

Happy New Year,

Team 316


P.S. Download or bookmark some of the media resources we linked above and consider picking a Bible reading plan. We’ve also created new Bible reading checklists for the OT and NT to guide you at your own pace. They’re great for kids too! Get them free here!

The Armor God Gives Is The Armor God Wears

By | Blog

There are several historical records of a Bible stopping a bullet. The above picture tells the story of a Civil War soldier who carried a New Testament in his uniform shirt pocket during battle. That New Testament quite literally saved his life, not once, but twice.

Walter Jones’ story is a great illustration of the Bible’s place in our spiritual life. In Ephesians 6 Paul describes our Christian life as spiritual warfare. Just as Private Jones’ New Testament saved his life from enemy gunfire, the right use of the Word of God can save us from the schemes of the devil.

If you knew in advance that at some point this month you would be in a place where gunfire would erupt, would you go about your days the same, or opt to leave your house protected in bullet-proof Kevlar and armed for conflict?

The Apostle Paul warns about how Satan shoots at us with the intent to kill. He also writes about how we can be equipped to stand strong in the midst of the attack. Every day we venture out into a world that is not our home, with the possibility of encountering an unseen enemy who is looking for our weak points and taking aim. But, every day we can gear up before we walk out the door by digging into the Word of God.

Let’s look at Ephesians 6:10-17 and some additional verses to learn what the Bible says about spiritual warfare and how we can survive the conflict unharmed:

When we think about the Armor of God, we think of Ephesians 6, and the armor that God gives. However, there is an Old Testament passage that Paul likely drew from, so let’s look at Isaiah 59:14-20 and the armor that God wears.

This passage also refers to a breastplate of righteousness and a helmet of salvation (Isaiah 59:17). But notice the context; God sees that no man is righteous enough to save Israel, neither is any man able to intercede (Isaiah 59:16). So God goes to battle. And He puts on His armor to redeem Zion (Isaiah 59:20).

His breastplate of righteousness. His helmet of salvation. This is the armor God wears to accomplish the salvation of His people.

In light of Isaiah 59, Ephesians 6 takes on a greater depth of meaning. The armor of God isn’t just the armor He gives, it’s the armor He wears. So as we face an unseen enemy, let us not rely on our own self-righteousness. Instead, let us put on the armor of God, His righteousness and salvation, provided freely through the gospel and “be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might” (Ephesians 6:10).

Gear Up and #ReadYourBible
The 316 Team

(Below are additional verses for continued study on the Armor of God theme)

Romans 13:12
2 Corinthians 10:3-6
2 Thessalonians 5:8
Hebrews 4:12
Isaiah 52:12

316 Day New Product Announcement!

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Thus far 2018 has been a great year of growth for us! In March, we launched into a new beginning, rebranding our company as Three Sixteen Publishing with three product divisions:

  • Steadfast Bibles (NASB 95)
  • Bella Paper for journals
  • Green Egg Media for children’s books

Partnering with John MacArthur on the Preacher’s Bible allowed us to network with pastors who love and use the NASB as their translation of choice. The biggest takeaway we received from our first NASB focus group meeting was a need for a solid children’s Bible. That became our top priority and today we are excited to announce that production has begun with inventory arriving in early 2019!

Introducing the NASB – Children’s Edition

Bella Paper

Our Bella Paper line comes from a desire to produce quality journals to capture truth as women study the Word of God. Today we are excited to unveil our first releases under the Bella Paper Brand. These designs will also be in stock in early 2019.

Introducing Bella Paper Journals.

Beautiful. Personal. Faithful.

Our last BIG NEWS weighs in at 5 pounds, 6 ounces! The Preacher’s Bible has been given a limited reprint of 1000 units. The new edition has just arrived in our warehouse and is ready to ship NOW.

The Preacher’s Bible – new edition.

To show our gratitude for your support, customers receiving this newsletter can get $30 off the new edition of Preacher’s Bible and free media mail shipping* by using code DAY316. This offer expires Sunday November 18th, 2018 at midnight PST.

You can also pre-order our upcoming Bella Paper releases and the NASB Children’s Bible, on sale until the end of November at 25% off plus free shipping with code Media Mail*.

We are thankful for your support in our first year as 316 Publishing!

Please consider helping us get the word out by sharing our Big News on social media.

And we look forward to sharing about more upcoming 2019 releases in the coming months, including other new editions of the NASB 95!


With Gratitude,

The 316 Team

*US domestic orders only

The Bible: More Important Than Coffee

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Hudson Taylor once said, “Do not have your concert first, and then tune your instrument afterwards. Begin the day with the Word of God and prayer, and get first of all into harmony with Him.”

At the beginning of each day, which are we more intentional about? Setting aside time for Bible reading or for a cup of coffee? In the busyness of life, it’s easy for Bible reading to get pushed towards the edges, or crowded out completely.

A 2018 American Bible Society survey claims that 69% of Bible engaged Americans say they “need the Bible more than coffee” (https://www.americanbible.org/state-of-the-bible). That’s the right Sunday School answer, but in the rhythm of life we sometimes falter.

Just like our plan for coffee, our Bible reading needs to be cultivated into a habit. The discipline of a morning Scripture reading will set a consistent tone for each day. The Psalmist says, “O satisfy us in the morning with Your lovingkindness, That we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.” (Psalm 90:14 NASB)

Everything from the strength to resist temptation to the joy that accompanies our obedience, comes from faith. And faith is a gift meant to be received and exercised through time in the Word with Christ (Eph 2:8). As Paul says, “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.” (Romans 10:17).

The reason Hudson Taylor’s quote rings true, is because the Word of God is how we are put in tune with Jesus. It’s easy to push Bible reading aside on our busy days. But let the opposite be true. Just like the coffee run to start off the big day with a kick, begin your day by spending time with Jesus through His Word. And let your life be an instrument of worship in the concert of God’s glory.

Summertime = Bibletime

By | Blog

Summertime = Bibletime

The rhythm of life changes during the summer. Vacations. Weekend excursions. Kids around the house more. Summer nights outdoors. The change in pace is a welcome one.

For many of us, Summertime provides extra opportunities to spend time with family and friends. What if you make it a goal this season of life to spend that time spent together in the Bible?

Some suggestions for the Summer season:

  • Start each day of your vacation reading the Bible together around the breakfast table.
  • On your road trip, listen to an audio Bible (try the book of Acts).
  • Before starting a hike, or around the campfire read a portion of scripture about God’s creation (Psalm 8, 19, Genesis 1).
  • Pack a Bible in your beach bag or backpack and enjoy reading outdoors in a new setting. Take turns reading a chapter out loud.
  • Get a Bible trivia game, form teams and play once a week to encourage one another.
  • Have each family or group member on the same Bible reading plan and make it the topic of conversation over a shared meal.

Bible reading isn’t about getting brownie points or being puffed up with Bible knowledge. It’s crucial for every Christian because there is a direct correlation between it and spiritual maturity.

For the more ambitious, Summer can be a great time to grow in Bible reading consistency. Set a personal goal to read a minimum of 20 minutes everyday. Be fastidious and protective of your goal and use a Bible reading plan if necessary. Set daily reminders, make sure you have easy access through Bible apps and printed editions. You might consider starting with one of the four Gospels, one of the 66 books your church is studying, or one of the Old Testament prophets you have never read. The point is, just start and stay on track. Studies show it takes 60 days on average to develop a new habit. Use this Summer to grow in this crucial spiritual discipline.

The challenge in writing any blog about Bible Literacy is that you are writing and therefore interacting with a group of readers. However, if the Church has hope in reversing the current trends, it will take individuals like yourself modeling the habits of Bible reading and encouraging others to get engaged with the scriptures everyday. Community and accountability can both be beneficial toward solidifying a daily habit of Bible reading.

So while publishers may focus on fiction as a summer escape, we suggest you consider engaging with the history, poetry, suspense, adventure, love stories, dramatic endings and more found in the Book above all books. Read the Bible everyday and as Peter said, …grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (2 Peter 3:18a, NASB).

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