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After fifty years of studying and expositing the Word of God verse by verse, using a variety of Bibles—none of which had all the features I prefer—I was asked, “If you could create the perfect Bible for pastors and Bible teachers, what would it include?” This edition, The Preacher’s Bible, is the result.

Of course, the most important feature of any Bible is the biblical text itself. The ideal Bible for preachers should include the most precise translation of Scripture available. For decades I have taught from the New American Standard Bible. Based on the best original manuscripts and following the principle that God’s Word should be translated literally, the New American Standard is, I believe, the best English-language version of the Bible. Using it in The Preacher’s Bible was an easy choice.

Preachers also need a Bible that is easy to read from the pulpit. I like single-column pages with large type. Displaying the verses line by line instead of in paragraph form, and with the verse numbers clearly off set, is also ideal. Those features have been incorporated into The Preacher’s Bible.

A Bible taken to the pulpit should also be supremely functional at the study desk. The Preacher’s Bible includes wide, blank margins for jotting cross-references, notes, and outlines that are crucial for interpreting the text. The paper in this edition, thicker than in typical Bibles, is designed to prevent handwritten notes from bleeding through the page. The reinforced binding and fine leather cover ensure a lifetime of use. Over time, the preacher will accumulate a study Bible of his own making as he has been taught by the Spirit. The Preacher’s Bible will become a written legacy of the biblical interpretation and emphasis that has marked both the private study and public ministry of the preacher.

My prayer is that as you use The Preacher’s Bible, it will become a lasting, precious record of the illumination of the Holy Spirit in your life and ministry.

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  • Derrick Drallette says:

    Is an ESV version planned? I love the layout and features, but I have over a thousand verses of scripture memorized and its all from the ESV, so the task of relearning all of them in the NASB would take considerable time that I’d prefer to put to use adding more scripture to my memory.
    Appreciate your consideration, and commend you on a truly outstanding Bible for preachers.

    • Team 316 says:

      Hi Derrick, thank you for your inquiry and positive feedback. At this time we are focusing our efforts on the NASB 95 translation, as well as the new Legacy Standard Bible releasing in March. To stay up to date with our publishing plans, please sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage. Blessings!

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