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February LSB Project Update!

February LSB Project Update!

Greetings from Southern California!
It’s time for another LSB Project Update! 

The Giant Print Reference files have been sent to the printer! We are now focusing more attention on the LSB Compact edition. Here is a picture to help provide scale to this layout. 


In just its first month, Dr. Varner's Handbook for Praying Scripture has already received many encouraging reviews from those who have begun to use it. The response has been so significant that a second printing is already in process! The Kindle edition is also nearing completion, so please look for a future post when it becomes available! 



Tecarta is the latest Bible app to include the LSB! 

Each month we receive several requests for particular formats of Bible editions and in some cases the requests are very specific. Many times, a digital edition can achieve the reader's preferences by simply going into the "Settings" of your preferred Bible reading platform.

For example on, you can find the "Settings" by clicking the gear icon



Speaker, teacher and author Justin Peters has begun a new project: Daily Scripture Readings, featuring the LSB that we are sure will enrich the lives of those who subscribe to listen daily. 

"I was driving this morning thinking I need to spend more time reading my Bible. I came home and this was in my Youtube recommended. I am in tears as I write this because God is so good to me I am nothing but humbled. Thank you Justin, I can never thank you enough. All glory to God."  - Youtube Comment

To receive notifications of these daily readings, subscribe to Justin's YouTube channel HERE.



We'll be at Shepherds' Conference on March 8th-10th! Come by and say "Hello" in the Book Tent.
316 will also be at the Advance 2023 One-Day Evangelism Conference hosted by Mission Bible Church in Costa Mesa, California! 

Earlier this year we began donating prizes and promotional materials to regional pastoral gatherings and other Bible conferences. One example of this is that attendees of the G3 Expository Preaching Workshops will receive a free LSB (while supplies last).  

Church and conference leaders may reach out to us at to request materials for conferences they are hosting. If your event is in California and you would like us to consider attending please also mention that in your email. 


As more churches are working through their budgets for the new year, we want to take a moment to mention again that the LSB has two Pew Bible formats.

The Single Column Text Only Hardcover edition and the 2 Column Verse-by-Verse Hardcover edition are both excellent pew Bible formats. 

These are available in case quantities at a special discounted price for churches. To see a sample of each layout, download the LSB layout sampler here. Please make sure to “print to scale.”

You can email us at to obtain a quote for your church.


Our Bible Armor with Handle - Large has arrived and will begin shipping Wednesday, February 22nd! Order yours at the special preorder price through the weekend.

The LSB distribution continues to improve worldwide as more editions of the translation are made available. The Inside Column Reference is making its way onto store shelves and websites at the international retailers listed below. In some cases their order might still be in transit. We provide this list as a tool to help people in other parts of the globe acquire a copy of the LSB. If your location is not on this list, please have your local retailer reach out to us. Remember too that most digital editions of the LSB are available worldwide. 

International Bookstores that carry the LSB

For Europe: 

For Australia:

For New Zealand:
For Africa:

If you have a bookstore that is not in the United States, or if you want your favorite bookstore to carry the LSB, orders from many parts of the world can be placed through Anchor Distributors, who carry the selection of 316 products currently available to wholesale bookstores (an account is required). Note that certain styles are exclusively sold through our website.


The recent filming with members of the LSB translation team includes the answering of  several questions that have come through the LSB website, plus additional topics too. The post-production is in process and we will send out another email with a link to the video once it is completed. 

As always, thank you for your support for the Legacy Standard Bible and Three Sixteen Publishing!


Team 316

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