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Each one of our Bibles is crafted to be your companion in reading and studying God’s Word. Below you will find explanations of some noteworthy features of our Bibles.


This refers to the method of bookbinding wherein a leather cover attaches to the interior paper pages (called a “book block”) via tabs of the cover’s leather liner going along the “edges” of the book block. This handcrafted process utilizes genuine cowhide leather for the liner material, rather than paper or vinyl. This results in a supple and flexible, yet especially durable cover. This old-world technique reinforces the hinge between the cover and book block, taking stress off of the paper interior. Each of our edge-lined Bibles are built for longevity, making them the highest quality companions for study, ministry, and Christ-focused living.


The vast majority of our Bibles are constructed by “pasting down” a piece of vinyl to adhere the paper text block to the faux or genuine leather cover. While it has been common for many Bible manufacturers to use paper to adhere the text block to the cover, using a strong synthetic vinyl material ensures greater durability. 


Believed to have originated from a style of British bookbinding in the 1800s, “yapp” refers to the length of the leather used for a Bible cover, for the purpose of protecting the pages. Generous yapp adds both an old-world beauty and practical function.


Believed to have originated from a style of British bookbinding in the 1800s, “yapp” refers to the leather of a Bible cover that hangs over the text block. Yapp adds both an old-world beauty and protection for the pages of your Bible. “Full” yapp refers to when the leather overhang can fold over to touch, completely covering the pages on the three open sides of the Bible.


Like our genuine goatskin Bibles, Shamar goatskin is likewise edge-lined, made with genuine leather, and supple to the touch. Shamar goatskin is especially adept at retaining the natural grain and impressions of the leather, ensuring that your Bible is uniquely your own.


Our genuine goatskin Bibles are well known for their softness and suppleness. “Genuine” refers to the use of a single piece of goatskin. Each goatskin Bible is edge-lined with genuine cowhide used as the inside liner material, so it is sure to be your faithful companion for years of study.


Specially sourced from Italy, our italian cowhide features a unique tanning process of the natural grain cowhide. Therefore, every edition retains the qualities of the animal’s hide, resulting in a “patina” that shows the personal wear from your time in God’s Word.


We purposefully only use genuine leather for our cowhide editions. “Genuine” leather refers to the use of a single piece of animal hide and is not to be confused with “bonded” leather, which is comprised of glued together leather pieces or fibers. Known especially for its durability, our premium cowhide Bibles will provide many years of regular use.


Many of our Bible covers are made from high quality synthetic materials designed to imitate leather allowing for a myriad of unique cover designs. These beautiful editions offer a durable cover at a more affordable price point.


The majority of our Bibles are offered with an Indexed option. Thumb indexing refers to the round cut-outs on the page edge of the Bible that denote the locations of the books of Scripture. This helpful tool, popular with both new and seasoned readers of the Word, is ideal for assisting readers in quickly navigating through the books of the Bible.


Perimeter Stitching refers to the thread stitching around the perimeter edge of the Bible cover. This premium feature adds durability to the edges of the cover, preventing the edges from peeling or coming undone, as well as a subtle beauty framing the book itself.