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LSB Project Update: June 2023

LSB Project Update: June 2023

Greetings from Southern California! As we find ourselves heading into summer, we wanted to provide you with some exciting updates!


Portions of the LSB are now available in audio format on YouTube! We thank Caleb L. for his hard work and service in getting an AI edition up that will soon feature the entire LSB. As of now, the other licensed LSB reading on YouTube is from Justin Peters who is continuing his recordings throughout 2023. 


Do you ever wonder why certain words are translated the way they are? A special team sponsored by the Tyndale Center for Bible Translation is working to compile notes for the entire Legacy Standard Bible that record why words and phrases have been translated the way they were.
The website currently has notes from Matthew 1 through Luke 10. We will continue to update you on their progress from time to time, but this is a fantastic free resource that we commend to any student of Scripture.
Occasionally we see interesting questions regarding the Legacy Standard Bible, whether on Facebook or through Often the translators will respond and share what type of research was done or why they thought certain words should be used. For example, Isaiah 14:23 refers to the hedgehog. This differs greatly from “owls” or “bitterns” that are used in other translations.

Why was this choice made? Head over to to enjoy this topic and others! 



The 2024 Bella Paper line of new releases is now available for preorder! The new line includes 2024 calendars and 17-month planners, journals and greeting cards, PLUS our first-ever gift bag sets and canvas tote! 


Enjoy 25% off on all 16 new items, due to begin shipping in mid-July. You can shop the new line of preorder products HERE



The LSB Compact Edition is now available for preorder!


The LSB Compact Edition is perfect for travel, evangelism or ministry, fitting conveniently in your backpack, briefcase or purse. Available in 17 different styles, bindings and price-points, this edition features a highly-readable 8.5-point font and sharp black letter text throughout. 

You can preorder HERE at special pricing until June 15th. 



The LSB Giant Print Reference is still available for preorder!

We are very excited with our LSB Giant Print Reference Bible! This edition boasts a large 13-point font with our full set of cross references and footnotes in a very readable 10-point font. Yet the entire Bible is slightly slimmer and lighter than the ICR. This is also our first paragraph-format LSB, in a 2-column, line-matched typeset.


We eagerly anticipate receiving these Bibles in our warehouse by the end of June. Those who have preordered a Giant Print Reference will receive their copies first. 



The Handbook for Praying Scripture continues to bless people and transform their lives, as more and more of them incorporate God’s covenant name into their prayers. Have you been blessed by using the Handbook for Praying Scripture? Consider heading over to Amazon or ChristianBook and leave a positive review for this valuable resource by Dr. Varner.



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