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Why We Created Another Bible Reading Checklist

Why We Created Another Bible Reading Checklist

There are quite literally, hundreds of Bible reading plans out there. However, what we saw was a need for a simple checklist allowing for the flexibility of choosing your own reading order of the Bible books and then setting your own pace. Maybe you are fine with it taking 1189 days to complete and that is wonderful! Maybe this winter you choose to stay indoors more evenings and plow through all the Pentateuch before Easter, then the pace slows down during Spring and increases again during summer trips to the beach.

If I have a map of all 50 states and I’ve visited 40 of them, the map helps identify those I have yet to visit. This Bible reading checklist can be a similar tool, identifying what books you have never read all the way through. Maybe those are the ones you need to complete and the other books you’ve already visited at least once you can intersperse in between.

Additionally, the 260 chapters of the New Testament are a great first goal for Bible reading and the checklist can help new believers and kids get in the habit of reading their Bible. We hope you find this resource valuable and share it with others. Most importantly, in the new year, we encourage you to #ReadYourBible. 

Photo: Scott Shirley

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