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*NEW* Pigma Micron PN 3 Pen Set - Black, Red, Blue

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Are you looking for the regular, fine-tipped Pigma Micron pens? Click here.

Have you ever tried writing with a fine-tipped pen, only to punch through the paper or break off the tip? Our new Pigma Plastic Nib pens are the pen for you!

Featuring the same, high-quality pigment ink used in our popular Pigma Micron pens, the Plastic Nib (PN) pens have a different tip perfect for everyday, multi-purpose writing. Instead of a fine, needle-point tip, the Plastic Nib pens have a firm, smooth plastic top that holds up to the heaviest hand. The top provides feedback as it moves across the surface, and the line produced changes as more pressure is placed on the pen. It produces a line between 0.4-0.5mm depending on how much pressure is placed on the pen. 

The archival pigment ink is the same type of ink used in museums to produce documents that will last many generations. Used in your Bible, your notes, too, will be a record to be shared with future generations. 


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