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LSB Church Assortment 

In 2023 more churches adopted the LSB as their primary English Bible translation, so to this end, we have created the LSB Church Assortment, comprised of 40 of our most popular Bibles, at a special 35% off! 

How It Works

Please click HERE to view the LSB Church Assortment of 40 Bibles included in the program. 

These 40 Bibles are part of the base assortment. Churches can increase quantities or add other in-stock LSB hardcover, faux leather, and paste-down cowhide Bibles.*

With purchase of this base LSB Assortment, we would also like to offer the following Add On Offers:

  • Add on up to 10 in-stock Edge-Lined LSBs (not listed here) at 20% off MSRP to your initial shipment.
  • Add on up to 100 in-stock non-Edge-Lined LSBs at 35% off MSRP to your initial shipment.
  • Within 30 days of your initial order, you may add on a Second Order for a minimum of 12 LSBs at 35% off MSRP (excluding Edge-Lined editions, the 2 Column Verse-by-Verse Hardcover, the Black Single Column Text Only, and non-full Bibles)

The LSB Church Assortment is for churches only. All communication must come through church email addresses from those who are authorized by their church to make these purchases.

To order, or if you have any questions, please email for full details.
To download the LSB Church Assortment informational flyer, click HERE