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005 (.20mm) Pigma Micron Pen 3 Pack - Black


Looking for the right pen to write in your Bible with? The 005 Pigma Micron Pen 3 Pack- Black is the perfect fit!

Pigma ink is different from typical dye ink. Invented by Sakura in 1982, Pigment based ink has a number of benefits making it the ideal ink to use for writing in your Bible. It’s waterproof, fade resistant, and doesn’t smear on most papers. Most importantly, pigment ink doesn’t soak into the paper as traditional dye ink does. It stays on top of the paper in a clear color, all while not smearing.

  • Experience smooth, skip-free writing and crisp ink colors that leave consistent lettering and lines every time
  • Delicate 005 (0.20mm) nibs provide the thinnest lines with the lightest touch
  • Pigma archival quality ink
  • Waterproof, chemical & fade resistant on paper, once dry
  • Quick drying and pH neutral
  • Great for taking notes in your Preacher’s Bible

    Note that writing with a Micron Pen can have varying results, based on your pressure, the pen angle, and room temperature. We suggest you test the pen first in an inconspicuous area; possibly one of the blank pages of Bible paper that are after the Concordance.

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