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Christian Singleness in the Modern World by Michael Clary

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The world’s devaluing of marriage has seeped into the church. Many Christians are delaying marriage later into adulthood, others are choosing to forego marriage altogether. This has become a massive challenge for faithful singles who desire marriage but struggle to find a suitable partner. Pastors, not wanting to hurt singles in their churches, have decided that this topic is “too hot to touch,” which leaves them feeling more alone and helpless. It need not be this way. This booklet biblically explores the challenges of singleness in the modern world and provides practical steps for individuals, pastors, and churches.


Michael Clary worked for several years in collegiate ministry before planting an urban church in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio, where he currently pastors. Having spent over 20 years working with young adults in these environments, he is uniquely suited to express the historical truth of sexuality to modern audiences, addressing their objections and misgivings with patience, grace, and practical wisdom. Michael and his wife Laura have one daughter and three sons, and the make their home in Cincinnati.


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