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Citizens & Exiles: Christian Faithfulness in God’s Two Kingdoms by Scott Aniol

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Christians have always wrestled with how they should respond to the cultures around them. On the one hand, we recognize the goodness of God’s creation and his common grace upon all people. On the other hand, we recognize that people are sinful and that the world is hostile to God and to Christians. So what are we to do?

In this easy-to-read book, Scott Aniol demonstrates that Scripture teaches contrary to both of these postures. Aniol shows that the New Testament portrays Christians as citizens of the common kingdoms of this earth, but they are ultimately exiles since they are more profoundly citizens of Christ’s redemptive kingdom. Understanding the biblical relationship between these two provides a very clear framework for preventing churches from losing their biblical mission while at the same time discipling Christians to actively engage in society around them.

What the Bible prescribes for Christians in this present age is Christian faithfulness in both realms of God’s sovereign rule.


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