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Galatians: Point-to-Point Bible Commentary by Chipley McQueen Thornton

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This little commentary is for the one pressed for time. Designed to condense a lot of research and “get to the point quickly,” the commentary can be helpful for bi-vocational pastors or others pressed for time.

This commentary would also be very beneficial as a devotional aid for any Christian desiring to study the book of Galatians!

New works-based ideologies like critical race theory, a Christless Christianity, postmodernism, and man-centered counseling/therapeutic philosophies have seeped into congregations. Insidiously, they are corrupting the heart of the gospel: justification by faith alone in Christ alone. This resource follows Paul in his letter to the Galatians, point-by-point, to answer an age-old question for a new generation, “How can a person stand righteous (justified) before God?”


“Do not let the brevity of this work mislead you. Chipley Thornton has written an extremely helpful commentary on the book of Galatians. Concise, clear, insightful, and to the point—true exposition plain and simple. It will be a useful tool for the new believer as well as the seasoned expositor.” 

Paul Washer, founder and missions director of HeartCry Missionary Society


“Many commentators today fall into one of two popular ditches when it comes to biblical commentaries. They either make the mistake of majoring on the side of practicality while ignoring doctrinal truth, or they major on doctrinal truth while ignoring practical matters at hand. One of the strengths of Chip Thornton is that he’s fiercely committed to the original author’s intent, which allows him to explain the doctrine faithfully within its proper context, while at the very same time providing helpful practical points from a pastoral perspective. We need more commentators like Chip Thornton who write in such a way to strengthen and encourage the church of Christ.” 

Josh Buice, senior pastor of Pray’s Mill Baptist Church in Douglasville, Georgia and president of G3 Ministries


“While thorough exegetical commentaries are helpful and necessary, I have often longed for more pastoral commentaries that just get to the point. This is exactly what Chip Thornton has given us in the Point-to-Point Biblical Commentaries series. I am so thankful for his labors, and I am confident that this commentary will be quite useful to many pastors who desire to preach the text of Scripture.” 

Scott Aniol, executive vice president and editor-in-chief of G3 Ministries and professor of pastoral theology at Grace Bible Theological Seminary


“Chip Thornton serves pastors well by providing a readable, engaging, clear, and concise commentary on Galatians. Complete with sound exegesis, fresh illustrations, and striking applications, this resource offers a treasure trove of useful information. I will visit this volume every time I teach from this epistle.” 

Chris King, senior pastor of Bayou View Baptist Church, Gulfport, Mississippi


“This commentary offers readers the unique combination of conciseness, yet thorough exegesis. In this work Chip Thornton utilizes his own theological training and includes insights from some of the greatest theological minds, providing readers an expositional gold mine for preachers and students of Scripture. For any preacher seeking to preach through the book of Galatians, this is a necessary resource. 

Kevin Blackwell, assistant to the president for church relations and executive director of the Ministry Training Institute at Samford University


Page Count: 102
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