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How We May Read Scriptures With Most Spiritual Profit by Thomas Watson

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Thomas Watson was convinced that Christians should make efforts to profit from the Word. He said, “Why else was the Scripture written but that it might profit us? God did not give us his Word only as a landscape to look upon, but he intended for us to hitch the plow to the mule and receive the fruit of it.”

Of all the means the Lord has made available to his children for the preserving of their souls and the inflaming of their hearts, there are none more fundamental than reading the Scriptures. In How We May Read Scriptures with Most Spiritual Profit, Thomas Watson encourages us to take up the Bible and to read rightly by addressing our mind, heart, and assumptions with which we approach God’s Word.

This little book is theological, devotional, and practical. It is simple enough to be apprehended by a child and useful to such a degree that it will serve him until the grave. It is equally beneficial for individual reading, family devotions, and small group study.

In this edition of Watson’s helpful little book on the believer’s posture toward God’s Word, Ryan Bush edited sparingly and carefully so that readers would both be able to understand all of what Watson intended and still hear Watson’s voice loud and clear coming through.




Thomas Watson (1620–1686) was born in Yorkshire, England; and he was subsequently educated at Emmanuel College in Cambridge where he was recognized for his remarkable discipline in study. In 1651, he was imprisoned at the Tower of London as a suspected Royalist. He served as a minister at St. Stephen’s, Walbrook, London but was ejected for nonconformity in 1662. Then, as minister to the congregation at Great Hall at Crosby House, he la-bored alongside Stephen Charnock. Watson died while in prayer at Barnston, Essex in 1686.


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