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Legacy Standard Bible, Scripture Study Notebook - Old Testament Set

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The perfect Scripture Study Notebook Set for sermon or lesson preparation and personal reflection:


  • Full Old Testament LSB text
  • 1.25 inch side margin
  • Easy-to-read 10 point font
  • Single column, verse-by-verse format
  • Extra room to write above and below each verse
  • Lined page opposite each Scripture page
  • Extra lined pages in the front & back
  • Thick, opaque paper
  • Each volume is 6.5 x 9.5 inches 
  • Durable and attractive slipcase
  • 27 individual volumes totaling 5,400 pages

How to use this notebook set:

  • Mark up the Biblical text as you read and study Scripture
  • Give a copy to a friend and study the text together
  • Record sermon notes
  • Write down prayers as you meditate on God’s Word

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Three Commitments of the LSB:

The Legacy Standard Bible aspires to be a legacy preserved:
to uphold the work and tradition that is found in translations from the KJV, ASV, to NASB.

The Legacy Standard Bible aspires to be a legacy performed:
to advance the commitments of past translations by bringing forth features of the original text relative to accuracy and consistency.

The Legacy Standard Bible aspires to be a legacy passed on:
to equip generations to study Scripture and continue the philosophy of being a window into the original text for the glory of God.





Slipcases: 9.75" x 7.19" x 6.63"

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