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Marriage to a Difficult Man: The Uncommon Union of Jonathan & Sarah Edwards by Elisabeth D. Dodds

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What was Sarah Edwards doing while her husband navigated ministry difficulties and pressures, traveled often to preach, nursed his delicate health, and spent long hours in his study composing sermons and writing books? She was busy mothering their 11 children, caring for the household, warmly welcoming the many guests who came to talk to and study with her famous husband, and providing a rock of stability and sociability for her introverted husband—one of America’s most influential intellectuals and theologians.

A must-read for any ministry wife or wife whose husband is necessarily very busy with work or travel, this book gives us an intimate glimpse into the Edwards’s home life, where Sarah shines as a model of motherhood, marital and ministry support, and hospitality.

R. C. Sproul said of this book, “This is one of my favorite treatments of Edwards and his wife—truly a must read.”


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