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Power Bible 5: The Kingdom Becomes Divided

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It’s the most exciting story ever told, filled with exhilarating adventures, awe-inspiring stories of faith, and the greatest news you will ever receive.  It’s a love story so amazing that it leads to the ultimate act of personal sacrifice.  It’s the bestselling book of all time: the Bible.

FEATURED BIBLE STORIES - In Power Bible 5, follow Solomon, Elijah, Elisha and more as they represent God to a disobedient people. Will Israel stand united, or will it be divided because of their disobedience? 

OVERVIEW OF THE ENTIRE BIBLE - With over 2,000 pages and 100+ Bible characters, the 10 volume anime-style Power Bible comic will guide kids through the Old and New Testament.

TRUSTED BY PARENTS, PASTORS AND PROFESSORS - Based on the New American Standard Bible (NASB), the Power Bible accurately simplifies the storyline of Scripture.

FUN TO READ - Full-Color, Fast-Paced, Engaging and Memorable! The Power Bible will cultivate in your child a love for God s Word.


Binding: Soft Cover

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Page Count: 211

ISBN: 9781937212049

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