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Serious Joy by Joey Tomlinson

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"Jonathan Edwards is arguably the greatest mind ever produced on the North American continent. His writings cover a wide range of topics from theology to philosophy to nature and natural science. But infused in them all is his sense of reverence and awe to be living before the presence of his God. That Edwards wrote seventy resolutions as a teenager to govern his life is commonly known to those who have spent much time studying his life and work. Few, however, have taken the time to read those resolutions carefully, much less to meditate through them. In this work, Joey Tomlinson has made doing both much easier. By demonstrating the biblical thinking out of which each resolution arises, he provides us not only insight into Edwards’ mind but also opportunities to have our own shaped more practically by Scripture. I highly commend this book to all who aspire to do whatever would bring God most glory and bring to themselves their greatest good, profit, and pleasure."

Dr. Tom Ascol
Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Cape Coral, FL
President, Founders Ministries


Binding: Softcover
Dimensions: 5.5 × 1 × 8.5 in
ISBN: 9781943539420
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