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Stand: Christianity vs. Social Justice by Jon Benzinger

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Christian, we are against a lot of things, but will you stand for what matters, when it matters most? You are in the midst of the greatest attack on Christianity in your life. Make no mistake, the war is coming for you. The question is, will you be ready for it and will you fight or fold? This easy-to-understand book clarifies the change you’re sensing in our culture, at your church, your job, or your school, and gives you tools to stand faithfully against this aggressive and heretical attack on the gospel.


"Jon Benzinger is a faithful pastor and committed expositor who is gifted at discerning the times in which we live. He is an insightful preacher with his finger on the pulse of what is happening in the world. This means that he has something vitally important to say in this book. What is more, he has something that you need to hear. This book is critically important for the hour in which we live. Please read this book and you will greatly benefit from the truth found within it."

Steven J. Lawson
President, OnePassion Ministries

"I’ve long considered my friend Jon Benzinger to be one of the most gifted expositors in the evangelical church today. So it is no surprise to me that he brings that same giftedness to Stand: Christianity vs. Social Justice. In this work, Jon meticulously lays out the historical and contemporary shortcomings of the social justice movement against the sufficiency and efficacy of the gospel. I am dogmatic in the belief that every Christian is an apologist (1 Pet 3:15). This book will help equip you to give a biblical defense against one of the most ungodly ideologies to come against the church in many decades."

Darrell B. Harrison
Dean of Social Media, Grace to You
Co-Host, the Just Thinking Podcast

"It is tragically far too rare these days for a pastor to so directly confront a widespread cultural lie. In this book, however, Jon Benzinger takes on a movement causing confusion and breaking relationships. He does so biblically and graciously, with courage and pastoral kindness. I’m grateful for this very important resource."

John Stonestreet
President, the Colson Center

Host, the BreakPoint podcast

"One of the most insidious and destructive movements to sweep across both culture and Christianity in the last ten years has been the Social Justice Movement. In order to appeal to Christians, the movement has hijacked biblical language in order to present itself as orthodox. However, Social Justice is all law and no gospel. It is counterfeit. It is heresy. Yet seemingly few have had the courage and temerity to stand up to it. That’s why I’m thankful for my friend, Jon Benzinger. Not only does Stand skillfully and biblically assess the tenets of the Social Justice Movement, but Jon also writes with godliness, humility, and lovingkindness. This is a much-needed book!"

Nate Pickowicz
Teaching Pastor, Harvest Baptist Church, Gilmanton Iron Works, NH

"Almost one hundred years ago J. Gresham Machen published a clarion call that pitted Christianity against theological liberalism. As Machen saw it, there was no way an ideology so counter to Scripture’s clear teaching could ever be confused with biblical Christianity; in fact, they were two entirely different religions. In our day, Jon Benzinger has done something similar. He has sounded the call and given the church a vital resource that demonstrates the Social Justice Movement (SJM) is not Christianity. Written with refreshing accessibility, Stand persuasively demonstrates that despite claims to the contrary, SJM distorts biblical justice by clothing it in neo-Marxist garb. The result is, as Dr. Benzinger argues, “a different gospel” much like what Paul refuted in Galatians. This brief book packs a huge punch!"

Cory M. Marsh
Professor of New Testament, Southern California Seminary

Author, A Primer on Biblical Literacy

“They arrived confused, hurt, angry, or dejected, and all said the same thing, ‘I lost my church to social justice’” (Stand, 4). My wife and I were attending and serving in one of those local churches for twenty-seven years when they opened their doors to the SJM. Over the course of the next six months, after exiting the church, I spoke with and met with dozens of people that were experiencing exactly what Jon saw and heard. When Jon preached and taught through the series that spawned this book, I witnessed the healing and clarity that was brought to hundreds of wounded saints. I am deeply humbled and abundantly privileged to sit under and stand beside Jon and the shepherds at RBC as they contend for and live out the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. My particular sphere of influence is the incarcerated within the state and federal prisons throughout our country. This book will be circulating within this mission field for decades to come."

Chuck Holmes
Founder/Director, Mt. Nebo Prison Ministry

"As someone responsible for educating the next generation, I see the war that is being fought for the hearts and minds of today’s youth. If you are a parent, then you need to read this book so you can be discerning regarding how your child’s worldview is being shaped at school, through social media and at your church. The Social Justice Movement is everywhere, and this book will equip you to understand what it is and why it truly is a “different gospel.” Once you have read it, your next responsibility is to get it in the hands of your pastor to protect your church from these heretical ideas. It’s time for you to take a Stand."

Jim Desmarchais
Superintendent, Gilbert Christian Schools

"Jon Benzinger writes with a shepherd’s heart and wields a shepherd’s rod, fiercely protective of his flock. These are the best kinds of books and resources, ones that flow from the trenches of local church ministry. Benzinger suggests that the SJM is the Galatian heresy of the twenty-first century. This book is a warning and a corrective to a false gospel that mixes faith and works, a false gospel that offers a fraudulent redemption and false hope. What happens in the west ultimately trickles out around the globe. Missionaries carry their beliefs and culture when they leave the USA for missionary work. Stand is written to inform, warn, and equip the people in your local church to stand against the false doctrine of the SJM—it is a volume I urge you to place in their hands."

Philip S. Hunt
Pastor, Kitwe Church, Kitwe, Zambia
Vice-Chancellor, Central Africa Baptist University

"Discernment has historically been recognized as the ability to judge between that which is true and false. However, practically speaking, discernment is rightly understood as the ability to judge between that which is not only true and false, but between that which is true, almost true, and false. Nothing illustrates this truism of discernment better than the explosion of Social Justice throughout evangelicalism. Jon Benzinger’s book, Christianity vs. Social Justice, offers biblical discernment into this most pressing heresy facing the evangelical church. Heresy? Why yes, because if one adopts the categories of Social Justice, they are fundamentally undermining the biblical understanding of Christianity. In short, a rose by any other name is still a rose; and a false understanding of Christianity by any other name is still a rank heresy."

William C. Roach
Director of Theological Studies, Veritas International University
Author, Defending Inerrancy.

"Social Justice. Critical Race Theory. Wokeness. If these words leave you feeling uncomfortable or confused, you’re not alone. They represent a seismic shift shaking our society to its core, and biblical Christianity is in its crosshairs. Every believer needs to understand a philosophy that is invading schools, offices, churches, media, and every other aspect of modern life. But how does one go about gaining that understanding? My friend, Dr. Jon Benzinger, provides the answer in his new book, Stand. Using the Book of Galatians, Jon lays bare the flawed foundational underpinnings of the Social Justice Movement. More importantly, he guides the reader through a solid biblical evaluation of the movement in a way that equips followers of Christ to stand firm in their faith and expose the movement’s theological and doctrinal errors. This book is short, but it’s “calorie rich” in terms of solid biblical teaching. Read it with a pen and notebook nearby, and pause at the end of each chapter to reflect on the study questions. Then when you’re done, purchase several additional copies to share with friends and family. This book needs to be read by everyone follower of Jesus who is serious about being a witness for the truth in our day."

Charles Dyer
Professor-at-Large, Bible at Moody Bible Institute
Host, The Land and the Book radio program

"There are many new books written to address the woke movement, but this is probably my favorite. Its short size makes it accessible to more readers. Its pastoral tone avoids needless offense. Its courage means it’s not a back door entryway for woke third-way-ers to regain access to the precious Bride of Christ. It’s also written by a pastor to average people, so it’s not overly academic and lofty in its terminology. I am genuinely thrilled to endorse this book by my friend Jon Benzinger, and I’m eager to offer it to my congregation as a valuable resource to help them Stand."

Andy Woodard
Pastor, Providence Baptist Church, NY, New York
Founder, NonConformist Ministries

"A must-read for every Christian! Benzinger reaches into the academic hallway, grabs Social Justice, and pulls it down to be confronted by the Word of God. Truly an invaluable tool in the belt of every churchman."

Anthony Wood
Pastor-Teacher, Mission Bible Church

"As culture has embraced Critical Social Justice (CSJ), many church leaders have capitulated on this issue. What we need in this hour are more men willing to Stand for the truth without concern for the consequences. Anyone familiar with Jon Benzinger can appreciate his strong Stand for truth while aptly demonstrating a pastoral heart of compassion for others. While Jon does not seek attention by racing into the latest cultural controversy, he’s unflinching in his approach when an issue arises. Those around Jon benefit as his response is always thoughtful, measured, and by all means biblical. Pastors, lay leaders, and business professionals will appreciate the biblical lens he uses on the most controversial subject of our time. Jon’s book, Stand is a must-have for anyone desiring the peaceful truth of God’s Word rather than the culture’s hostility."

Virgil Walker
Executive Director of Operations, G3 Ministries

Co-Host, the Just Thinking Podcast

"Clarifying and digestible, but more importantly loving and firm. Stand presents a clear, concise case for taking a principled stand against “Social Justice” and for true justice, framed in the biblical understanding of justice that serves as the philosophical basis for the West. Highly recommended."

James Lindsay
Founder, New Discourses

"Stand provides us a plain-spoken and persuasive case against the conceits of “social justice,” which is, in fact, anti-social (nurturing perpetual, destructive resentment) injustice (hostile to impartiality and other cognate virtues). Though bold and pointed in his critique, Benzinger shuns a no-holds-barred approach, for he takes pains to bind himself to the essential protocols of biblical fidelity, rational discourse, and both tough and tender love. And for those who want to press on in this study, the bibliography is choice and extensive."

Mark Coppenger
Retired Professor of Christian Philosophy and Ethics,

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Raging and Controversial issues require courage, clarity and conviction. Jon addresses the subject of social justice with all three. He is biblical and pastoral. Whether you agree or not with his conclusions, you cannot deny the simplicity and soundness of his reasoning and application of the gospel to the social issues of society. Take up and read and share with friends and family."

Chopo Mwanza
Pastor, Faith Baptist Church Riverside, Kitwe

Faculty, Central African Baptist University



Jon Benzinger is the Lead Pastor of Redeemer Bible Church in Gilbert, Arizona, contributor to the Redeeming Truth podcast, founder of, and President of the Redeemer Center for Church Leadership.  He and his wife Katie have four children: Colin, Ava, Emma, and Jace.


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