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The Mystery of Christ, His Covenant, and His Kingdom by Samuel Renihan

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"What is this book good for? It establishes a clear linear understanding of the biblical text in its purpose of driving the reader to see how faithfully God executes His purpose in creation. The covenantal framework from Adam to Christ, from creation to consummation is a most apt way of seeing the flow of the entire biblical text. One is lifted into the journey to see the entire scope of divine providence work out the divine decree from generation to generation, book to book, event to event, person to person.”

Tom Nettles - Retired Professor of Historical Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

“The themes of covenant and kingdom have always been crucial to Reformed thought, and Reformed theologians will surely be pondering and debating these issues until Christ returns. In this new volume, Sam Renihan offers a clear and engaging study that should help to keep this conversation going. One of the most useful things Renihan does—which readers across the Reformed spectrum should appreciate—is keep covenant and kingdom together, not as independent themes but as themes that absolutely depend on one another. While I am in no position to say how confessional Reformed Baptists should regard Renihan’s work, I know that I, as a Presbyterian theologian, will from now on look to his book as a prime resource for Reformed Baptist covenant theology.”

David VanDrunen - Robert B. Strimple Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics, Westminster Seminary California


Samuel Renihan, PH.D., is married to Kimberly Renihan and they have a son, Owen. He serves as a pastor of Trinity Reformed Baptist Church in La Mirada, CA. Sam has authored several articles and books in English and Spanish, such as From Shadow to Substance: The Federal Theology of the English Particular Baptists (1642-1704) and De Dios y su decreto


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