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With the Master Holding Fast To The Truth

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With the Master Holding Fast To The Truth is a Women's Bible Study on 2 Timothy.

"There is a famine for the Word of the Lord in our land, and it is not because we lack plenty of Bibles to read from; it is because there are few shepherds willing to read and teach the Bible to their parishioners. Have the pastors of our day forgotten their charge to preach the Word and to hold fast to sound teaching? Have they forgotten that they are to pass the baton of truth down to the next generation of men who will be called by God to shepherd the flock?

My dear friend, we must reclaim the call to hold fast to the Word of God. And I know of no other book in the Word of God that will stir us up to this aim more than Paul’s second letter to Timothy. You cannot read this short epistle without hearing Paul’s heart, as he pours out strong and impassioned words to his son in the faith. It is nearly impossible to read Paul’s letter and not be moved by it."

(Adapted from Chapter 1)

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Susan J. Heck was married for 46 years to her beloved husband and pastor, Doug Heck, who was a faithful Shepherd for 50 years. For 40 years, she has been involved in women's ministry, including teaching Bible Studies, discipleship, counseling, and heading up Ladies with the Master women’s ministry at Grace Community Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma ( 

Susan is a certified counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. She is also the author of the With the Master Bible study series for ladies, as well as A Call to DiscipleshipPutting-Off Life Dominating Sins;  A Call to Scripture Memory; A Message of Assurance: Twenty Tests for God's Children; What Does a Spirit Filled Marriage Look Like?; Speaking the Truth in Love in a Post Truth World; and The Liberating Gospel. Susan’s teaching ministry is an outgrowth of her memorization work on the Bible. She has memorized the entire New Testament and is now journeying her way through more of the Old Testament. To God be the glory!  

Susan Heck has two grown children, and seven grandchildren. Both children and their spouses are in full time ministry.


Page Count: 344
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
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ISBN: 9781636643205

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