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End of January Update

End of January Update


The first month of 2022 has flown by for us! As we close out January, we wanted to provide a glimpse into some of 316 Publishing’s plans for February!

This month we have wrapped up the editing for a two-book series from Pastor Chris Mueller of Faith Bible Church in Wildomar, Calif.

The men’s book is at the printer and the women’s book is being typeset. Both will be released in March! Here is an excerpt from Pastor MacArthur’s foreword to Let the Men be Men:

I am grateful that the content of that series, which Chris has continued to teach for several decades, is now published. In every generation, Christian men and women desperately need a biblical foundation on the roles which God designed, yet few churches give it. This book and its partner, Let the Women be Women, are therefore all the more valuable to meet that need.

We also received good news about stock of the Legacy Standard Bible at the tail end of last week!

  1. Our next wave of LSB Handy Size Bibles from Royal Jongbloed in the Netherlands is arriving later this week! This shipment contains mostly Paste-Down Italian Cowhide Bibles with a few Edge-Lined Shamar Goatskin editions. Look for another announcement from us on Wednesday, February 2nd. 
  2. Our LSB Large Print Wide Margin shipment is expected to arrive sooner than we announced earlier! We are now expecting it in February! (Stay tuned!)

The hardcover LSB Single Column Text Only edition is in production in the US. We are hopeful that stock will arrive in time for the Shepherds’ Conference that runs March 9-11. This is a domestic print run with a glued binding and black text throughout. 

The company that reviews the metadata for the Master LSB file which contains footnotes, cross references, etc is continuing their work into February. We appreciate your patience as this important work is intended to maintain consistency across all digital formats of the LSB.  As of today, our best estimate is that some of these digital platforms will be able to release the LSB before Easter.

The response to the LSB Large Print Wide Margin has been phenomenal! Our Edge-Lined editions only have a few hundred left in stock! The Hardcover, Paste-Down Black Cowhide and the Paste Down Reddish-Brown Faux Leather editions will be available for preorder through book retailers beginning sometime in February. Those styles and others are available for preorder on our site, as well. We also acknowledge the requests for Edge-Lined editions of the LPWM in goatskin. We will try to accomplish that when it comes time to reprint. Goats are smaller animals than cattle and obtaining enough quality hides is a greater challenge. Due to supplier issues, it was not an option for the first run. Please note, it will be several months from now before any LPWM reprints begin or are available for preorder.

Work continues on the 2-column verse-by-verse layout to be used for a variety of editions including pew-style Bibles, children’s editions and text editions. We hope to have the first editions of this layout in production in the Spring for release this summer.

Please pray for the LSB project work. The digital releases will be undertaken in the next month by an assortment of developers; print production of Bibles is increasingly challenging with materials coming from multiple countries, then printing, binding and shipping from different countries. There are also multiple typesets and proofing work that will be ongoing through 2022! 

Please consider forwarding this article to others who are interested in the LSB. Throughout 2022 we will provide updates on the progress of 316 Publishing and the Legacy Standard Bible via our blogs to our email subscribers. To receive them, please make sure you are signed up here.

We don’t want to end without saying, “Thank you for your support!”

All for Him,

Team 316

(P.S. Our LSB  Scripture Study Notebook Psalms Set is on sale through February 15. They will also be available through retail by the end of February, without the slipcase. We are working on the New Testament books now and will then begin working on the rest of the Old Testament books. We hope to have the entire set Scripture Study Notebooks in the LSB translation completed and available by the end of the year.)

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