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Happy 316 Day!

Happy 316 Day!

Another March 16th is upon us, a day we affectionately refer to as 316 Day!

Some of what we are sharing today is new; other information includes an updated project timeline. We are also launching our Easter Sale!

First we will start with an LSB Project update

The Single Column Text Only edition is in transit and should arrive next month with more coming in May. Keep a lookout for an email toward the end of this month, announcing the date preorders will begin for these editions. For now, you can see the product page here. 

The LSB Large Print Wide Margin is selling out fast! Last week Amazon ranked the hardcover several times as the #1 new Bible. We have already begun the process for the second printing, but the reprint stock will not arrive until this summer. If you are looking to purchase one, we suggest you take advantage of the current sale prices. 

Additional LSB Handy Size editions are coming in 3 batches:

  • A small run of Korean printed Edge-Lined editions with European paper (different from the French-milled paper used in the first printing) will be available in mid-to-late spring. There will be both goatskin and cowhide editions. Once advanced copies arrive we will share some photos and begin preorders.
  • The last of the first edition book blocks printed in the Netherlands (with French-milled paper) will be bound up this spring with an ETA of summer! These will all be Edge-Lined goatskin editions. 
  • A print run of Korean printed Handy Size red letter editions will be arriving during the summer. This printing will have hardcovers, faux leather and Edge-Lined editions. Several styles will be available through online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

An LSB Kindle Edition is in development and we expect to release it within a month. 

The LSB Scripture Study Notebook series is underway!

  • Files for the New Testament volumes will be sent to the printer in a few weeks. The New Testament set and individual books will be in stock this summer.. 
  • Old Testament books are being typeset and there is a possibility of having the OT set in stock before the end of the year or in early 2023.

LSB Digital Editions. The Accordance team updated the LSB app last week to include the entire Bible. A few more weeks of testing, refinement and identifying bugs will be completed before the files are sent out to other digital providers, once licensing agreements are signed. Some of those providers should still be able to release their editions before Easter and others by the end of spring. The free LSB app, powered by Accordance, is here

LSB 2-Column Editions will be in two formats. This verse-by-verse layout will feature minimal footnotes that relate to measurements, weights and currency. We will initially offer two editions:

  • A value hardcover edition that can be used as pew Bibles for churches.
  • A Children’s edition featuring the same realistic artwork and study helps as our popular NASB Children’s edition. 

LSB Inside Column Reference Edition! The typeset for this edition will begin in a few weeks. We expect the number of references to end up somewhere above 90,000! Once we have a few books typeset we will release some layout samples, but as the name implies, the references will be on the inside of the page. This will be our largest print run of the LSB to date and we are planning a variety of bindings and price points. The release plan for this edition will be in multiple waves, beginning in the fall.  

Steadfast Bibles is also releasing a NASB Large Print Wide Margin this spring! This edition will have the same layout as the Original Preacher’s Bible (minus the vertical line), but on the same 40 gsm paper found in the LSB Large Print Wide Margin. Stay tuned for more interior pictures when advanced copies arrive next month. 

Next, our Easter Sale starts today and runs through 4/16.

While we are aware that our Bible division gets most of the attention, be sure to check out our Easter Sale that also includes children’s Bibles and books from our Green Egg Media division, as well as Bella Paper stationery products, 316 books, Micron pens, Bible Armor and other accessories (including limited stock of an LSB hat).

Other projects we are working on:

There are several Bella Paper products, additional Bible Armor sizes, and a few solidly Biblical books in development that we anticipate releasing in the second half of 2022. Kindle editions of Chris Mueller's new releases, Let the Men Be Men and Let the Women Be Women will be releasing next Friday, March 25th! Our original release date has been adjusted to allow for the best reading experience. 


Thanks to all who have expressed interest in working for us. We continue to grow and therefore need to continue increasing our staff! We have added staff, but are still looking to fill some part time and full time positions. Please forward this information to anyone who might be interested in employment opportunities. All positions work out of our Orange County headquarters. 

NOW HIRING in IRVINE, CALIFORNIA ONLY (No remote positions available):

  • Warehouse
  • Accounting
  • Customer Service
  • Graphic Design
  • Administrative Assistant

Part-time and full-time positions available. 

Email your resume and cover letter to 

We greatly appreciate all the support and encouragement! If you are enjoying the LSB translation and want to help spread the word, here are a few simple things you can do:

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