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June 2024: The LSB PPR, Conferences, A NEW Susan Heck Bible Study & More!

June 2024: The LSB PPR, Conferences, A NEW Susan Heck Bible Study & More!

A warm hello from sunny Southern California!

As spring comes to a close and summer approaches, we are excited to update you on several things related to the Legacy Standard Bible and 316 Publishing.


316 & Conferences

Three Sixteen is grateful to be partnering with trustworthy ministries and to exhibit at conferences across the United States.  
In April, we joined the team at Answers in Genesis for their women’s Reclaim Conferences at the Ark Encounter in Kentucky! We distributed a special floral edition of the LSB Genesis, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs to over 3,500 attendees!
In May, we joined the G3 Reformation Conference, hosted at Countryside Bible Church in Texas. We were thankful for the opportunity to fellowship with many friends like pastor Tom Pennington.
This month, we are excited to be at the following conferences in Southern California, Florida and Texas:
Care of Souls Conference at The Master’s University in Santa Clarita, California
Shepherds’ Wives Conference at First Baptist Church Jacksonville, Florida.

Faithful Stewards Conference at Countryside Bible Church in Southlake, Texas

 If you are at any of the conferences listed, please stop by our booth to say “Hi!” and ask for a FREE LSB Pin!

If your church is hosting a conference and would be interested in 316 attending, please email us at



Preorders are now open for Susan Heck’s NEW women’s Bible Study, With The Master Holding Fast to the Truth: A Women's Bible Study on 2 Timothy!

“There is a famine for the Word of the Lord in our land. My dear friend, we must reclaim the call to hold fast to the Word of God. And I know of no other book in the Word of God that will stir us up to this aim more than Paul’s second letter to Timothy. You cannot read this short epistle without hearing Paul’s heart, as he pours out strong and impassioned words to his son in the faith.”

(Excerpted from Chapter 1)

This new Bible study is anticipated to arrive September 4th, 2024! Available individually and in a 2 Pack! Preorder yours today!


LSB Genesis, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs

The LSB Genesis, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs produced in partnership with Answers in Genesis is now available in 4 cover designs!

“The work of the Lord Jesus Christ through the cross is the crux of the gospel. The New Testament begins by describing that work as a fact of history. But there is another, ultimate beginning which takes us back to the reasons why there is a Savior and a cross at all. The book of Genesis contains the blueprint we need to understand the need for the gospel, the realities of our world, and the great work of God for all time. That is why it is so appropriate to see an edition of the New Testament that also includes the book of beginnings: Genesis.”

(Excerpted from the Introduction by Martyn Iles, Executive CEO Answers in Genesis, the Ark Encounter, and the Creation Museum)


LSB Portable Paragraph Reference (PPR)

We are excited to be releasing the LSB Portable Paragraph Reference (PPR) in both red letter and black letter editions.

Our advanced copies from Royal Jongbloed in the Netherlands just arrived! We hope you enjoy the first look at these beautiful Bibles. Preorders are still available and these editions should be shipping in late July.

The Edge-Lined PPR pictured with the Edge-Lined Giant Print Reference (GPR) for size comparison.


By request of some dedicated supporters, we have a new arrival! The high quality LSB Men's Polo from Travis Mathew is lightweight with enhanced quick-dry fabric for lasting and easy wear. True to size.

Represent the LSB in comfort and style!


The Legacy Bible Foundation (LBF) is a new non-profit we have established to share the hope of the Gospel through distribution of the LSB.

The 501C3 Legacy Bible Foundation was set up out of a desire to increase our ability to give freely to the work of the Kingdom through the printing and distribution of His Holy Word.  Please consider donating through the foundation's website Your gift of just $5 covers the cost of 1 copy of the LSB.

Earlier this year, through the generous support of LBF donors, 500 men and women at the Orange County Rescue Mission received copies of the LSB.


Did You Know?

The following LSB formats all have the same pagination; meaning the identical verses on each page. Each of these editions provides room for note taking and their single column verse by verse format makes for a comfortable reading experience.

Are you taking notes in your edition? We’d love to see how you are using this format! Please send us pictures at

Pictured top to bottom: Handy Size Faux Blue Hardcover / Single Column Text Only Hardcover / Journaling Edition Garden of Grace Faux Leather / Large Print Wide Margin Reddish-Brown Faux Leather


LSB MacArthur Study Bible

In case you missed our recent preorder news, the highly anticipated LSB MacArthur Study Bible is in production and due to arrive in November!

Choose from various styles and bindings, including indexed editions.


We are incredibly grateful for the continued support for 316 Publishing!

We pray that Yahweh will continue to bless us with opportunities to glorify Christ throughout the rest of 2024!

Team 316

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