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Project Update March 2024: Preorder New LSB Editions, Church Resources & More!

Project Update March 2024: Preorder New LSB Editions, Church Resources & More!

March will prove to be an action-packed month for 316! Shepherds’ Conference begins in a few days and we look forward to interacting with pastors in the book tent! Thursday evening we will be hosting a dinner for pastors in attendance (see below) then on Saturday we will be at the Mission Bible Church (Costa Mesa, CA) one-day conference, “Embracing God’s Design” —  Women’s Conference. Next week keep an eye out for exciting preorder announcements as part of our annual 316 Day Promotion!

The Legacy Bible Foundation

The Legacy Bible Foundation is now active!

The Legacy Bible Foundation (LBF) is a new non-profit we have established to share the hope of the Gospel through distribution of the LSB. We believe the Church everywhere should have access to a Bible translation that acts as a window into what the divine Author Himself intends to tell His people. As more Christians around the globe have benefitted from the LSB, there has been a growing need to donate Bibles through trustworthy ministry partners. The 501C3 Legacy Bible Foundation was set up out of our desire to increase our ability to give freely to the work of the Kingdom through the printing and distribution of His Holy Word. We praise Yahweh for the 30,000+ free editions of the LSB already distributed and our hope is that your prayerful support of the LBF will help continue and grow the volume of Bibles distributed throughout the English speaking world.  Please consider donating through the foundation's website Your gift of just $5 covers the cost of 1 copy of the LSB.

Note: As we have received hundreds of requests for donations, we are thankful for the abundant interest in the LSB. However, due to our current capacity, we will be unable to fulfill the majority of these requests.

Please consider donating to this non-profit organization by contacting us at



The LSB Church Assortment - A program for churches

Each year more churches are adopting the LSB as their primary English Bible translation and in 2023 we published several new formats of the translation. To equip these fellowships with a variety of editions to meet the Bible reading preferences of their congregations, 316 has created a cost effective program for members to find the Bible edition that is right for their needs. Today we are announcing our LSB Church Assortment, which includes 40 of our most popular Bibles all at 35% off!

Please visit this link to view the assortment of 40 units included in the program. These 40 units are part of the base assortment and churches can increase units or add other in-stock hardcover, faux leather, and paste-down cowhide bindings.

The LSB Church Assortment is for churches only. All communication must come through church email addresses from those who are authorized by their church to make these purchases.

How It Works:

HERE you will find a fixed assortment of 40 of our most popular LSB editions.

With purchase of this base LSB Assortment, we would also like to offer the following Add On Offers as our gift to you:

  • Add on up to 10 in-stock Edge-Lined LSBs (not listed) at 20% off MSRP to your initial shipment

  • Add on up to 100 in-stock non-Edge-Lined LSBs at 35% off MSRP to your initial shipment

  • Within 30 days of your initial order, you may add on a Second Order for a minimum of 12 LSBs at 35% off MSRP (excluding Edge-Lined editions, the 2 Column Verse-by-Verse Hardcover, the Black Single Column Text Only, and non-full Bibles)


50% of the total payment is due by check upon initial purchase. Upon receipt of the initial check, your order will be shipped to the shipping address provided; buyer pays for freight. The remaining balance is to be paid within 30 days after shipment via credit card or post-dated check.

To Order:

We are unable to provide any substitutions to the LSB Church Assortment. To order, or if you have any questions, please email from a valid church email address.

Additionally, to help your church in learning more about the LSB, CLICK HERE to visit the LSB Media Kit with tools designed to help pastors inform their congregations about the unique features and benefits of the


 The LSB Church Media Kit

We are excited to share more free digital resources to help explain the literal beauty of the LSB. We have included in the LSB Church Media Kit a variety of tools to help pastors and leaders share with their congregations more about the unique benefits of the LSB and translation philosophy behind the work. Tools include:

  • An English Bible Translation Spectrum Chart

  • Translation Comparison Slides showing the LSB alongside other popular English translations that draw special attention to the LSB’s renderings with explanations.

  • Printable Brochures and bulletin inserts with an overview of some of the unique features.

  • A personal letter of encouragement from pastor John MacArthur sharing the benefits of the LSB.

  • Video clips with John MacArthur and the Translation Team commending and explaining various aspects of the translation.

  • Miscellaneous assets such as logos to be used for any non-sale purposes.

Please download the Church Media Kit HERE, and read the included “User Guide” for more information and suggestions on how to use this resource. If there are other marketing tools you would like to suggest we include, please email us at




LSB Compact Edition Soft Faux

We are excited to announce the new LSB Compact Edition Soft Faux!
Available in 2 colors, Brown and Deep Navy, this edition features a 2-column paragraph format, black letter text with 8.5-point font and tables for weights, measurements and monetary units.

The LSB Compact Edition Soft Faux is both easy to carry and easy to read. This edition is perfect as a gift for anyone seeking to know the living God through His living Word.

This edition is available individually, in a 2-pack and case lots! Anticipated to arrive Early May 2024.


NEW LSB Video Content Released

New video content is here! In January, we had the privilege of interviewing a couple of the translators along with several pastors to hear how the Lord has been using the LSB in their ministries. We were greatly encouraged by their wisdom and unwavering commitment to the Word of God.

Subscribe to the LSB YouTube channel for updates!




LSB Genesis, New Testament, Psalms & Proverbs

The new LSB Genesis, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs produced in partnership with Answers in Genesis is now in stock!

“This special edition of the LSB contains the entire book of Genesis to communicate a timeline of history from the beginning of time to Christ and then to the new heavens and new earth to come. The Bible's message starting with Genesis is all about what God has done for the salvation of humankind. By including Genesis with the entire New Testament + Psalms & Proverbs, this edition seeks to give individuals a 'big picture' understanding of the gospel so that they might receive Christ into their life as Lord and Savior. I believe this will be blessed by God to become a powerful evangelistic resource to reach a skeptical culture with the precious gospel message.”

(Excerpted from the Introduction by Ken Ham, Founder CEO of Answers in Genesis, the Ark Encounter, and the Creation Museum)


2024 LSB Pins

These 2024 pins will be available exclusively at Shepherd’s Conference. If you are in attendance, stop by our booth, Say “Hi!” and pick up your free pin!

Thank you for your continued support for 316 Publishing! We pray that Yahweh will continue to bless us with opportunities to glorify Christ in 2024!

Team 316

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