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Literal Word's New NASB App Is A Hit!

Literal Word's New NASB App Is A Hit!

When our NASB Focus Group met at Shepherds’ Conference 2018, their number one request was a NASB Children’s Bible, something we immediately went to work on and released last month. A close second was their request for a free mobile app, specifically designed for the NASB. While we were hard at work with the Children’s Edition, the team over at Literal Word was hard at work on a new mobile app that released to rave reviews last week!
I really like the ability to see the words in the original languages and to see what other verses contain them. Very neat. I haven't seen that in the other apps I've used. - Eric H. Wow. This is one of the sleekest, easiest to use, and beautifully designed Bible apps I've ever seen. So easy to navigate. Hard to believe this is free! - David A.
The app is available for both Apple and Android formats and can be found in their respective stores, or directly on their site. If you’ve already downloaded it... Great! Thank You! Please tell others! To help spread the news, Literal Word has created some graphics that are easy to import into:
  • Church Bulletins
  • Church Websites
  • Social Media posts
Please join us in generating awareness for this fabulous and FREE app! Simply forward this blog article to friends you know who use the NASB. If your church uses the NASB, please ask your leadership to consider including an announcement in your church bulletin and through your church website. The ministry of Literal Word is a team of three volunteer programmers and they would really appreciate your help in getting the Word out about their FREE NASB App. The NASB 95 is here to stay! Read on! Chris Scotti VP and Publisher Three Sixteen Publishing Please visit our free download section for the Downloadable Literal Word Templates.
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