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Introducing The (Extremely) Portable Preacher's Bible!

Introducing The (Extremely) Portable Preacher's Bible!

Steadfast Bibles, a division of Three Sixteen Publishing, is hard at work in its product development lab, at an undisclosed location.

Spurred on by a growing chant for a lighter edition of the Preacher’s Bible, today the company unveils a breakthrough in Bible publishing. The early prototype has been affectionately dubbed by their team of international molecular physicists as The MicroMac.

The MicroMac will mirror the page layout of the current Preacher’s Bible, but weigh 99% less than the scale-bending 5 pounds 7 ounces of the original, giving it unsurpassed portability.

To accomplish this, the Bible is being engineered with the following target specifications:

  • Italian Pygmy Goatskin with leather lining (buttery soft!)
  • 10 perimeter stitches
  • .00000008 mm of yapp
  • European Paper .000065gsm
  • .00000105 font size
  • .00000003 margins for notes
  • 4 black ribbons, .00000006 wide

Additional features still being considered include:

  • Tracking device
  • Interleaf Edition
  • Keychain holder
  • Magnifying glass
  • Machine washable

This special edition Bible has a tentative release date of 2095 to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the NASB95 Edition. Thumb indexing will not be available (sorry Nate).

To celebrate Steadfast’s long and illustrious history of Bible publishing breakthroughs, the current edition of the Preacher’s Bible is on sale now, through Saturday, April 6th. Save $20 with promo code: NOJOKE

Follow us on social media for updates about this and other upcoming editions of the NASB95. If you have suggestions for features in the MicroMac, please add them in our comments section below.

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