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LSB Project Update - New 2024 Releases! - February 2024

LSB Project Update - New 2024 Releases! - February 2024

316 & LSB Project Update:

February 2024


Greetings from Southern California!

It’s been a busy start to 2024, but we are thankful for Yahweh’s continuous provision. Here are some exciting updates:

Interviewed by Ken Ham

Our friend Ken Ham at Answers in Genesis sat down with Dr. Abner Chou, one of the translators of the LSB, for an interview about the translation. We encourage you to watch and be blessed by this edifying conversation and to pass it along so others can benefit from it too!

 Ken Ham interviews Abner Chou



LSB Genesis, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs

Produced in partnership with Answers in Genesis, the LSB Genesis New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs is a pocket edition that is perfect for on-the-go ministry events, travel, and evangelism. Order your copy of this unique edition here!


"This special edition of the LSB contains the entire book of Genesis to communicate a timeline of history from the beginning of time to Christ and then to the new heavens and new earth to come. The Bible's message starting with Genesis is all about what God has done for the salvation of humankind. By including Genesis with the entire New Testament + Psalms & Proverbs, this edition seeks to give individuals a 'big picture' understanding of the gospel so that they might receive Christ into their life as Lord and Savior. I believe this will be blessed by God to become a powerful evangelistic resource to reach a skeptical culture with the precious gospel message."

(Excerpted from the Introduction by Ken Ham)



With The Master In The Upper Room

  • Susan Heck’s latest release, With the Master In the Upper Room: A Women’s Bible Study on John 13-17 is now in stock! This wonderful title is designed to take individuals and groups verse by verse through one of the most beloved portions of the Bible. In this book, you will learn to love the Savior more through this intimate look at Christ with His twelve disciples in His final hours before He faced the cross.

  • This is the first of Susan’s Bible Studies to include the LSB. Consider picking up a Scripture Study Notebook on the Gospel of John to engage deeper with the text.


  • We are also grateful for the kind endorsements of Lisa Hughes and Erin Coates for In the Upper Room.



LSB New Testament Workbook

  • Early adopters of the LSB New Testament Workbook are already enjoying working within the next in this layout designed for intense study. The exceptionally wide margins and full reference system make the LSB New Testament Workbook ideal for extensive sermon and lesson preparation too. It also makes for a great companion in the classroom setting for NT Survey and Greek language courses.

  • Download the sample layout here.

  • Case Lots of the New Testament Workbook are now available starting from 30% off for 8 units (1 case)! Great as gifts and for group study of the books of the New Testament.

  • For all bulk orders over 2 cases (16 workbooks), please email

  • We would love to see how you have been using the New Testament Workbook to study! Send in pictures of your Workbooks in action to! Or tag us on Social Media!




LSB 2 Column Verse-by-Verse


  • We are excited to announce that new editions of the LSB 2 Column Verse-by-Verse are in production and scheduled to release late March 2024! The new editions include two Paste-Down Cowhide editions, Black and Forest Green, and one new faux leather edition, Mustard Floral.

  • As we receive more reader feedback, the popularity of the 2 Column Verse-by-Verse has exceeded expectations. Its easy-to-find verse-by-verse layout, comfortably thin profile, and large 10-point font strike an ideal balance great for the pulpit, the desk, and the hand.


The Handbook for Praying Scripture

“You can imagine my pleasant surprise when this was the book given out to all the women that attended my church’s women’s retreat this year! Thank God for His perfect timing in putting this into my hands, as it has been the PERFECT resource to go alongside of what God is convicting me and teaching me this year in my lacking prayer life. The structure and “workbook” nature of the book have been exactly what I need right now to help me grow in my understanding of and obedience in prayer.I am excited to work through this book, and think it will become one of my Bible study staples.”
-Kelly D.



LSB Filming

  • Keep an eye out for new video content! Last month, we had the privilege of interviewing a couple of the translators along with several pastors to hear how the Lord has been using the LSB in their ministries. We were greatly encouraged by their wisdom and unwavering commitment to the Word of God.

  • The videos are currently beginning the editing stage and are slated to be released over the next few months.



  • We were greatly encouraged to begin this year by attending two conferences this January.

  • January 19–20: We had the joy of attending the 2024 National Founders Conference, Remember Jesus Christ, to meet and encourage the attendees with free copies of the LSB.


  • January 26–28: We were able to partner for a second year now with the Speaking the Truth in Love Conference. We are grateful for the ministry of faithful local churches like Founders Baptist Church.


  • Currently we are gearing up for Shepherds’ Conference next month and we will have more on that event released in early March.


LSB Endorsements

  • Visit our Endorsements page to see what others are saying about the LSB! Over the last two months, we’ve received many more endorsements, which our team has steadily added to our endorsements page (see below).

  • If you are a pastor or professor, please provide a 2-4 sentence blurb, your ministry name, city/state, and a professional headshot.


Thank you for your continued support for 316 Publishing! We pray that Yahweh will continue to bless us with opportunities to glorify Christ in 2024!

Team 316

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