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LSB Project Update: September 2022

LSB Project Update: September 2022

We are a few days into autumn and the 3rd quarter of 2022 will soon be completed. Time marches on and at 316 the staff sometimes uses the word ONWARD to signify that there is ongoing progress and more to accomplish with the LSB project. We are also reminded that even with the best business plans, Yahweh’s plans prevail in the end. Thus it is important to continue to ask for God’s direction and to request that His people lift us up in prayer. We appreciate your prayers on our behalf!

The global supply chain continues to be a tad fragile which has caused some delays on a few projects and in some cases hurricanes and typhoons have contributed, as well. Our production facility in Korea is continuing to work hard to get the latest print runs completed and we are excited that more shipments are scheduled to leave next week, in mid-October, and again in mid-November. We are also thankful the west coast ports are offloading and processing customs much more quickly than they did last year.

Here are a few photos that help convey some of the recent workflow for the LSB project:

1) The plant in Korea provided the 3 volume print proof of the ICR for us to review.

We just created an LSB sample layout pack and added it to our free download section. This file allows people to print out and compare the different layouts, type sizes, etc to find the one that best meets their needs.

Click Here to access the free download

This month we also received color corrected proofs for the LSB SSN New Testament books.

The advanced copy of the Two-Column Hardcover arrived earlier this month. This edition makes for a great pew Bible. To inquire about a bulk purchase for your church email us the quantity, church name and address to: These are currently only available as a preorder, and only preorders for bulk purchases are being accepted.

 Next, here is an updated list of developers that have the LSB available.

And here is the list of other providers that have the LSB in development.

  • Literal Word
  • Logos

Earlier this month we were grateful to spend some time with Pastor John MacArthur and provide him with an update on the LSB project. During that meeting he mentioned that their own Master’s Seminary Press that produced the Hymns of Grace volume is nearing completion on Psalms of Grace. This edition is a Psalter, which is a way for churches and families to gather together to sing the Psalms. We will share more about their Psalms of Grace project before the end of the year.

We have also seen more and more uses of the LSB in recent book releases. To learn more about the copyright on the LSB and how to quote from it, please click here.

With Pastor Appreciation starting in October, we wanted to draw your attention to our beautiful 5 Solas hardcover edition of the LSB Handy Size, printed and bound in the Netherlands on French-milled paper with art-gilding and 3 ribbons. It is now available for preorder and is on sale.

For other Pastor Appreciation gift ideas check out our latest e blast.

Our Bella Paper stationery line is releasing pre-orders on new items that will arrive in stock next month. Throughout our new Bella Paper line, when Scripture is included, it is always from the LSB.


Thank you all for your ongoing support and we look forward to sharing more about the LSB project before the end of the year.

With Appreciation,

Team 316

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