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LSB Project Update: October 2022

LSB Project Update: October 2022

Greetings from Southern California!

We are approaching the 1-year anniversary of when we started shipping out the first complete editions of the LSB and are gearing up for a very busy 4th quarter with many new editions in production or in transit to us! We hope you enjoy reading this project update.

Today we have more digital editions of the LSB to mention. 

Bible Gateway and Tecarta Bible are in development, and the long-awaited LSB for Logos Bible Software is scheduled to release on 10/31 and can be preordered here!


A Giant Print typeset has just begun with 2K Denmark. We will show some sample images next month and begin presales in early 2023, but for now here are a few specs:
  • 2-column, paragraph format
  • 13-point font 
  • References 

We are also exploring options for a Compact Edition and expect to get started on typesetting next month.

14 new Bella Paper products have arrived and are all now in stock & on sale! We hope you enjoy using and gifting these beautiful products that feature the LSB! 

To help spread the word about our Bella Paper lineup we’ve created a dozen gift boxes, each containing seven Bella Paper items (over $100 value) that we can donate to special women’s ministry events as prizes. To inquire about receiving one of these twelve boxes for your church’s women’s event please have your church email us at and include the words WOMEN’S EVENT in the subject line. 


As part of Bella Paper’s 2023 Planners, we’ve included a Scripture Memory feature with verses from the LSB and to help reinforce this important habit, we’ve also made those Scriptures available as free downloads on our website. Printing the PDF file allows you to post them in conspicuous places and week by week, month by month, you will have more Scripture stored up in your heart!


Click below to access the free download pages


Last week we received advance copies of the LSB New Testament Scripture Study Notebook set! We are also in the proofing stages for the Old Testament books that will be released next year. Here is an image of the set. 

For the binding we went with a glue that is engineered to be flexible and strong and we are using a more durable cover material too. These improvements will help these notebooks hold up better over the long haul.

Next, we have some news to share about our LSB 2 Column Bibles:

The hardcover editions are now in stock! Churches that are interested in this edition for pew Bibles should email us at to receive a bulk purchase quote!

These are available individually and in a 3-pack.


The other bindings of this edition are delayed 3-5 weeks with a new ETA of early to mid December. Here are some advanced cover images: 

Our Lord Yahweh has done so many amazing things in helping get the LSB into the hands and hearts of people since we met with Pastor MacArthur in October 2021 to present him with the advance copies of the first editions. We are grateful for answered prayer, provision and protection as we have continued on this journey of the LSB project. Every week we hear stories of people who are discovering the literal beauty of the LSB for the first time! We thank you for your support, prayers, encouragement, and for helping get the word out about the LSB to other family, friends and church leaders. We count it a special privilege to be involved in the publication and distribution of His living, Holy Word. 

With grateful hearts for all He has done and is doing!

Team 316


* P.S. Our 5 Solas edition just arrived in our warehouse this morning! Now through Reformation Day (10/31/22) Any order with this edition (preorders included) will receive a free cahier journal of either shown (we chose the one to include in the order).

Please allow 2-4 business days for us to get all the preorders for this edition fulfilled.


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