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316 Day Sale + November LSB Project Update!

316 Day Sale + November LSB Project Update!

Saturday is 316 Day because it is the 316th day of 2022! Since we are closed on the weekends, we are setting up our special sale today and it will remain active until we arrive back in the office at 8 AM PST on Monday, November 14th. 

We hope you enjoy this special sales event and we hope you enjoy reading about our future publishing plans!



LSB Project News:

We’ve begun compiling endorsements from scholars, teachers and pastors who have embraced the LSB. Recently added are Dustin Benge, James White, Tom Buck, Tom Drion, Justin Peters, and Jeremy Garber. This information has been added to the homepage of our LSB website and will expand throughout 2023. If you are a pastor, teacher or scholar who is enjoying the translation and would like to provide an endorsement, please submit it to

Production Challenges: 

We continue to experience some supply chain delays including those caused by a typhoon that created shipping delays, but we hope to be on track to get the Inside Column Reference before the end of 2022. It will in part depend on the speed of getting through customs at the L.A. port during Christmastime. A team of ours is heading to Korea next week to review the production of this edition and we hope to have more photos to share. The estimated arrival is still the week after Christmas, but again, that is still just an estimate as some things are out of our control (please pray).

Recent Arrivals:

Along with our 5 Solas Edition of the LSB Handy Size, we also received 4 other hardcover editions. Two are faux leather and two are linen. All are printed on French-milled paper in the Netherlands, and are black letter text with red as an accent color for running headers, page and chapter numbers. You can learn more about these fine hardcover editions here and here.


New 35/35 Program:

As new LSB editions become available, we are seeing more churches embrace the LSB as their main translation. To help congregations we are testing a new program whereby a church can receive a single order of 35 or more in stock LSBs at a 35% discount. The churches can take orders and funds from their people and then place a single order with us. After the church places and pays for the order we ship all the Bibles (or local pickup for SoCal) to the church for them to distribute. Some restrictions apply and certain editions are not part of the program. If you are a pastor who has interest in the program please email us at and include 35/35 in the subject line, along with the church name, address and website.


Bulk Buys:

We’ve also added a tab on our website for combo packs that offer additional savings. Most of the products in this section are LSB or from Bella Paper.

LSB products arriving SOONER and some arriving LATER:

  • The LSB Children's edition, both hardcover and faux leather editions, are arriving sooner than expected. We currently estimate their arrival on December 1st.
  • LSB New Testament Scripture Study Notebook set is now expected to arrive December 8th. A few people have asked about the reason behind the change in binding from the NASB series. The LSB Old Testament series (due out in Spring of 2023) was also part of our design decision. Since several of the Old Testament books are very large, we consulted with the bindery and examined several prototypes including both sewn and glued models, and testing was performed on each of them. After weighing the pros and cons of each, we concluded that, due to several factors, the best choice for these editions is a glued binding. There are several different glue compounds used at binderies and the glue we chose is extremely flexible, able to bend, but not break, even after much repeated use. This flexibility allows the books to open widely and still hold together well. We believe the binding of these editions will prove reliable for the note-taking Bible student. 
  • LSB 2-Column Verse-by-Verse Faux Leather and Goatskin editions have been delayed and the new estimated arrival is December 11th. This only applies to the Faux and Goatskin editions. The Hardcovers are currently in stock!
  • The Psalms of Grace editions are expected in our warehouse by the end of the year. If you preordered either the Psalter alone or a Combo Pack, we will ship them out once the stock arrives.

Digital Update:

The digital provider list on the LSB website continues to expand. It is a great place to share with others who want to sample the LSB for free through many of the digital providers’ platforms. Please consider sharing a link to it on your own social media pages.


LSB Giant Print Reference Edition:

Today we are sharing more details about the GPR - our LSB Giant Print Reference Edition layout! 

This edition will be black letter, with a 13-pt font for the Scripture text and 10-pt font for the cross references and footnotes.  Like the ICR, it will have the largest set of references and footnotes, with over 95,000 and 14,000 respectively.

Typesetting and proofing will continue for several months and we anticipate releasing this edition in the Spring of next year. 


You can download a PDF sample of the layout HERE


LSB Compact Edition:

This is also in the works and we hope to have some photos to share before the end of 2022. 


Another way you can support the LSB and share it with others is through our Bella Paper line. The 2023 calendars and planners use the LSB and so do our new greeting cards.  This Fall we’ve released 14 new items to choose from with the LSB included! In addition, our planners use a Scripture Memory plan where you can download and print from the Free Downloads section of the 316 website. We’ve also created a fundraising program featuring Bella Paper! Churches buy the goods in case quantities at special discounts and then the proceeds they generate can help fund building improvements, pew Bibles, missions trips, or Christian school materials. To learn more, email us at  and include FUNDRAISER in the subject line. (You can also buy case quantities of Bella Paper calendars and planners for your ministry or business to give away as free gifts this holiday season).

To see more of these beautiful designs, check out our social media and consider following our pages! 





NASB '95 News:

We are updating our NASB Scripture Study Notebooks (SSNs) to the new binding style. Existing NASB SSNs are being closed-out at 40% off. The New Testament Slipcase Set featuring the new binding is anticipated in our warehouse before Christmas. 

NASB Handy Size editions are beginning production before the end of the year and will be released around February or March of 2023. This edition will use 32 gsm paper and be available in cowhide and goatskin editions and will be printed in Korea. It will feature the same layout as the NASB Preacher’s Bible Handy Size, but in place of the concordance it will have dot matrix note-taking pages.  The spine will feature the words, “Holy Bible'' instead of, “The Preacher’s Bible,” as many have requested. More on this edition will be released in January when preorders begin. 

NASB Faux Leather Children’s Editions will be back in stock in time for Christmas. Their ETA is early December and indexed editions will also be available. Look for an announcement next month about their stock status.

Other 316 News:

We are expanding our Bible Armor line to include a larger size! Our upcoming large size is similar in construction to our original size Bible Armor, but also includes handles. This new size will fit Large Print Wide Margin Edge-Lined editions (LSB and NASB), LSB Inside Column Reference editions and the upcoming LSB Giant Print Reference Edition. This new large Bible Armor with handles will arrive in late February and come in both black and grey. We will alert customers who have purchased these larger Bibles when it becomes available. Of course, our Bible Armor will also fit Bibles from many other publishers as well.



Professor Dr. Varner, an instructor at the Master’s University and member of the LSB Translation Team, has compiled the Handbook for Praying Scripture featuring the LSB. More details will be shared when it becomes available for preorder in January. This title is due to release in early March of 2023. 




With the cost of fuel as high as it is, international freight pricing will continue to be a challenge for 316 in regards to small orders through our website. Larger companies like ChristianBook and Amazon are able to negotiate lower carrier rates due to their high volume. Here are a few other options for obtaining the LSB in places outside of North America. In many cases these retailers have brick and mortar stores or an online site from which to order. A few also carry other books and stationery products from 316:  

If you have a bookstore that is not in the United States, or if you want your favorite bookstore to carry the LSB, orders to many parts of the world can be placed through Anchor Distributors , who carry the selection of 316 products currently available through wholesale bookstores (an account is required). Note that some of our styles are not sold through the wholesale channel and must be purchased through our website. 


LSB Project Funding:

Earlier this year a generous donor allowed us to print and distribute over 5,000 units of LSB New Testaments with Psalms and Proverbs to a youth camp and through Master’s University. 


If you’d like to donate to the LSB Project, your tax deductible donation will be through The Lockman Foundation. To learn more please visit our website.

More exciting plans for 316 will be announced in the first quarter of the New Year! Until then our updates will be brief as we focus on getting goods received and orders shipped out! 


HELP! We need seasonal help in our warehouse. If you live in the OC, California area and can work 4 hour shifts M-F, and lift 50 lbs boxes, please email us at


A Note About Holiday Shipments: 

We realize that for some, the Bible they want for Christmas will not arrive before December 25th. We’ve created a special insert that you can download, print and put into an envelope to let your loved one know that a Bible has been preordered for them and will arrive after the holiday.



Thank you for your continued support!

Happy 316th Day of 2022 (November 12th). We hope you enjoy the savings listed below! Remember, the first 316 orders over $150 this weekend will receive a FREE LSB New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs! (See image below for more details)


Team 316


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